Making Ostomy Appointments Easier

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By Theresa Johnson - Co-Founder Stomagienics

Organizing Medical Visits for Ostomates and Caregivers

My father was an engineer and incredibly organized.  Everything had its place, there was a process in all that he did.  That was a life saver for organizing his medical visits. Sometimes it was a little over the top but hey, it worked! 

When his medical issues became more prevalent, he introduced the “Binder” to our family.  It made his ostomy appointments much easier, as that blue 3-ring binder contained all information pertaining to his health.  

Going to medical appointments is taxing and the administrative part can be extensive.  Being able to refer to the Binder during his appointments made this aspect much easier.

quick tips - Organization

Dad organized his binder as follows:

Section One

Contained a list of his doctors and their nurses, contact information and address by practice. 

Section Two

Contained a list of his medical history, surgeries and dates, health issues and allergies.

Section Three
Listed his latest medications, dosage and administration instructions.
Section Four

 The remaining pages  contained notes from visits in chronological order. 

Preparing for Medical appointments

When preparing for an upcoming medical visit, Dad would write down his questions for the doctor to make sure he covered all his concerns.  Sometimes during a visit, a person can get so caught up in being a patient, you can forget to ask questions you may have. 

When we began going with him to his appointments, with permission, we began recording visits and transcribing them so we could refer to if needed.  Yes, I know, overkill, but that was Dad, and by then, us as well.  

As time passed, we all began to use the Binder, we knew we could find our answers within those pages.  It made the administrative part of his care easier.  We didn’t have to try to remember his medical history, what meds he was on, where a doctor’s office was – everything was right there inside the Binder and we took it everywhere.

There are times when managing health care can become a full-time job.  Taking a little time to organize important elements into one place keeps a certain order and allows you the ability to focus on more important things.



If you are juggling doctors and feeling overwhelmed by all that entails, buy a 3-ring binder and a ream of 3-hole punched paper.  Gather your medical information, sit down and make your Binder.  Organizing your medical team, history and medication in one place can give you the clarity to focus on more important issues.


Oh!  When you pick out your binder, make sure it is your favorite color. 🙂

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