Stomagienics Announces New Distribution Partnership with Byram Healthcare at WOCNext 2021 Conference

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By Theresa Johnson - Co-Founder Stomagienics

 June 24, 2021 – (Greenville, SC) As announced at the WOCNext 2021 Conference, Stomagienics has partnered with Byram Healthcare to distribute StomaGenie, a novel solution for patients living with a stoma. 

“The StomaGenie Pouch Replacement Cartridge covers a patient’s stoma during pouch changes to capture discharge and allow time to clean and prepare peristomal skin. It works with all ostomy pouches, is approved and covered by Medicare and has been supported by many stoma patient advocacy groups”, Stomagienics CEO Bruce Johnson stated. “We are proud to be partnering with Byram because this will allow ostomates and their caregivers access to StomaGenie through Byram’s world class distribution network.’ 

‘The WOCNext 2021 Conference is a great time to announce this partnership because it is a preeminent meeting for Wound, Ostomy and Continence (WOC) nurses who provide critically important care, education and support for patients that live with a stoma, and the WOCN community which has been instrumental in requesting distribution access to StomaGenie. 

Stomagienics, Inc., founded in 2014, develops medical devices and methods to improve the lives of ostomy patients. Inspired by an invention by ostomy patient and family member Liney Guidry, the company has developed a family of products including the StomaGenie Pouch Replacement Cartridge and SecurPress focused on ostomate health and hygiene. 

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