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Would You Give It A Try? StomaGenie® captures waste during a pouch change making the process clean and easy.

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The Problem With The Current Pouch Replacement Routine*

0 %
of ostomy patients

experienced a peristomal skin complication (PSC) during the first 90 days following ostomy surgery.

0 %+
of patients

experience some types of stomal or peristomal complications within 2 years of undergoing ostomy surgery. 

$ 0 K
higher health care costs

Health care costs were approximately $80,000 higher in patients with PSC than patients without PSC.

* According to a study published by Leblanc, Whiteley, et al, in JWOCN, April 2019

Let’s Change These Numbers! Be Part of The

Capture During Change Movement

Stomagienics is leading a Movement to address the problems related to the Pouch Replacement Routine. Here is how we can change the numbers!


Hygiene-Friendly Changing Process Controls Output

StomaGenie Capture Cartridge® contains output, keeps effluent away from skin and allows time to treat and manage peristomal skin conditions.

Perfect Alignment Eliminates Wasted Supplies

StomaGenie Capture Cartridge® provides a simple and sure guide to facilitate perfect alignment, even when the stoma is in a difficult location.

Maximum Adhesion Prevents Leakage

Healthy peristomal skin provides the optimal base for reliable adhesion. SecurPress® applies firm and even pressure where it matters most (for 2-piece users).

Capture During Change Builds Confidence

StomaGenie Capture Cartridge® gives control back where it belongs building confidence, self-sufficiency and independence.

Will StomaGenie® Work for My Patients?

One-Piece System Patients

Two-Piece System Patients

How Can I Join The

Capture During Change MOveMENT?

Sharing an updated Standard of Care for ostomy pouch replacement

Stomagienics is working with Clinicians that want to make a difference with the Capture During Change Movement.

Who is Capture During Change for? Ileostomy, Urostomy and Colostomy patients. Capture cartridges are available in 12 sizes for use by anyone who desires a more hygienic change or clinical examination. 

It’s very easy to participate in the Movement and Change Lives. Just take these 3 Steps. 


JOIN The Movement

When you sign up we’ll send you COUPONS to give patients for a FREE StomaGenie 5-Pack.

PRESCRIBE StomaGenie to Your Ostomy Patients

When you prescribe StomaGenie, your patients can get cartridges through Insurance or Medicare if they wish.

GIVE the 5-Pack Coupon to Your Ostomy Patients

This coupon allows them to go to our website and get the FREE StomaGenie 5-Pack. So, they’ll have a chance to experience StomaGenie mess-free changes right away, while their insurance coverage is still processing.

Do Something Extra Special

That’s it! You’re part of the Movement. If you want to do something extra you can use our template to measure your patient’s stoma and direct them to our online training video.

Capture During Change Movement


Stomagienics wants to recognize clinicians that join us in the mission to improve ostomate patients outcome. 

Recognition Award

When completing the Program for the 1st time, you’ll receive your Recognition Award Package. It has a Stoma Simulator to help you train your patients on their new life with a stoma. All you need to do is to answer our short survey by email at the end of the 30 days.

Loved it! Can I do it again?

Did you enjoy the patient outcome and want to continue? No problem. Every time you complete the program you get an entry into the Recognition Prize Drawing.

Recognition Prize

For every 30-day Challenge you complete with a patient, you will have a chance to win a FREE THREE-MONTH SUPPLY OF StomaGenie® for that patient. There’s a drawing every quarter.

How StomaGenie® Is Helping Clinicians Around The Country

A hygiene-centric protocol that

enhances the standard of care

The capture during change technique introduces a hygiene-centric protocol for ostomy appliance management and enhances the standard of care for ostomy patients.

Susan D., BSN, RN, CWON

Smart Idea. Great Product
It’s such a smart idea to think of a way to contain the output of the ileostomy or urostomy stoma while keeping the peristomal skin dry. The StomaGenie® is really a great product. There are so many ostomates that will benefit from using it.
Jill C.
I'll Encourage My Patients ...
I used your product the first time today on an ileostomy and loved it. I will encourage my patients to contact you about this product. Thanks so much for the samples and attending the WOCN annual conference.
Karen S.
Revolutionary Product
This is truly a revolutionary product that will help many ostomates & the people who care for them The talk of the conference. Get ready Stomagienics…
Brian L.

Be Part of a Supportive Community

We’re always in the Community listening to ostomate’s struggles, needs and wins. We share what we learn from them and from our research in our newsletter. Join now for tips and support on how to live well and independently with your stoma. You can unsubscribe any time. 

I have a few questions...

Our products address (3) main areas of concern for ostomy patients.

a.      Output while Stoma is exposed
(mess & skin irritation):
People with Ileostomy realize significant advantages from capturing uncontrollable and caustic output prior to skin contact, while people with a Urostomy enjoy the benefits of changing without messy drippage or significant bursts of urine.  People with a Colostomy, who cannot
control their output, or have digestive issues (e.g. diarrhea) also benefit from using the cartridge.

b.     Baseplate Alignment Issues: Anyone with an ostomy who uses a
two-piece pouching system and has difficulty applying the baseplate precisely over their stoma, will benefit significantly from using the capture cartridge.

c.      Baseplate Adhesion Issues: Anyone with an ostomy who uses a two-piece pouching system and has difficulty with self-application, baseplate adhesion, or frequent leakage issues, will benefit greatly from using the SecurPress® to apply evenly distributed pressure to the baseplate.

StomaGenie Capture Cartridges® are covered by most insurance plans and Medicare reimbursable under HCPCS Code A5081 covering up to 31 cartridges per month. 

Prior to ordering, Medicare and health insurances will require a physician’s using the following diagnosis codes based on the type of ostomy:

Diagnosis Codes:
Z93.2 Ileostomy
Z93.3 Colostomy
Z93.6 Other artificial opening of urinary tract.

Go to our Order page for more details.

Our custom adapter service provides a solution for ostomates with a unique shaped stoma. Ostomates take a photo of their pre-cut baseplate next to a ruler and email the photo to us. We convert the photo to a digital file and produce the custom adapter on a 3D printer We ship (4) reusable custom adapters for use with their disposable capture cartridges.

Yes. We offer on-site and remote video in-service sessions as appropriate based on scheduling and location. Please call us directly to request staff training.  

Please email or call us toll free at (844) 696-7866 to request product pamphlets to give to your patients. We typically ship the informative pamphlets within a day of your request.

in the news

Stomagienics' Contribution to a Healthier World

In today’s world, enhanced hygiene is a priority. With that in mind, Stomagienics is sharing a 3D printed mask pattern with filter for 3D printer owners. Click here to learn more.


InnoVision Awards is South Carolina’s premier organization dedicated to the advancement of innovation and technology. It is the mark of distinction for outstanding leadership, innovation, and technological excellence. 

InnoVision’s Small Enterprise Award sponsored by SC Launch, recognizes an organization for the development of new technology or for the innovative application of existing one. Stomagienics, Inc. was chosen for the 2019 Small Enterprise Award. 

SER WOCN Society 2018 Conference

Our tream traveled to Myrtle Beach, SC to introduce our products to the Southeastern Region WOCNs.  They battled the post-Hurricane Florence damage and debris to meet a super group of nurses who were very interested in our products.  With each event we attend, it is reaffirmation the need is there, and our products address those needs.

WOCN Society® International Conference, June 2018
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Ostomy Day
Ostomy Day

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Capture During Change Movement


Stomagienics is leading a Movement to address the problems related to the Pouch Replacement Routine. If you’re ready for frustration-free changes; if you’re ready for hygiene-friendly changes; all you need to do is commit to try it five times. Here’s how you can start the program and win!


Just order the 5-Change Revolution Kit. It contains 5 StomaGenie® cartridges and all the training and support you need for successful changes.

Experience the Difference

Try StomaGenie® for 5 changes. Using StomaGenie® is very easy. We have instructional videos and an open line in case you have questions.


After you complete the 5 changes, you can take a short survey or email us with feedback about your experience. Your feedback is optional but it greatly help us keep improving.


Congratulations! You completed the 5-Change Revolution. You will receive a FREE BOX OF 10 disposable StomaGenie® Capture Cartridges!

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