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Enjoy a new level of confidence with your ostomy lifestyle.

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Pouch Replacement Cartridges

Pouch Replacement Cartridges

StomaGenie® disposable cartridges absorb stoma output during your pouch replacement for a stress-free, hygiene friendly experience. Available in 12 sizes from 1/2” (12mm) to 1-7/8” (46mm).

Odd Shaped Custom Adapters

Order your FREE 3D printed reusable adapters. Custom printed adapters match your unique stoma shape and fit easily into the open end of the disposable cartridges.


Leak Prevention

The SecurPress® improves skin barrier adhesion for one- and two-piece pouching systems, allowing for longer wear times between changes. Available in 12 sizes from 1/2” (12mm) to 1-7/8” (46mm).

New StomaGenie® Hands-free Mount

The StomaGenie® Hands-Free Mount easily attaches to your bathroom vanity countertop, conveniently holds the StomaGenie® in place over your stoma, giving you the extra hand to prepare supplies and treat your skin. Available in all 12 StomaGenie® sizes.

Try a StomaGenie® during your next pouch change



Enjoy a simple, predictable, hygienic pouch replacement routine and gain confidence with self-application.

Healthier Skin

Preventing effluent-to-skin contact, taking more time to clean and dry the skin leads to better applications and improved skin conditions.


Feel empowered with a new sense of control, being able to replace the pouching system on your terms.

Easy Step-By-Step Routine

Hygienic Changes


Capturing stoma effluent drips and potential flowing output is essential to hygienic best practices.


People who are visually impaired, overweight or have dexterity issues have more control of the changing process.

Stress-Free Changes

Enjoy an easier, stress-free pouch replacement routine that gives you control of the outcome.

Will StomaGenie® Work for Me?

It works with all ostomy
One-piece & Two-Piece
pouching systems.

Watch this short demonstration video to see how it works.

Try a SecurPress® during your next pouch change

Longer Wear Times Icon

Longer Wear Times

Hold the SecurPress® firmly on the barrier and press against your skin to experience longer wear times.

Reusable Icon


Use the SecurPress® during each pouch change and anytime between to ensure the seal is tight.
Practical Icon


Works great with all One-Piece and Two-Piece ostomy pouching systems.
Self confidence


Enjoy the feeling of confidence knowing your pouching system is securely fastened.

Healthier Skin Icon

Healthier Skin

Use the SecurPress® to help prevent leaks and experience healthier peristomal skin.

Bring Back Normal Icon

Bring Back Normal

Get back to your actives with confidence.

Will SecurPress® Work for Me?

It works with all ostomy
One-piece & Two-Piece
pouching systems.

Watch this short demonstration video to see how it works.

One-Piece Pouching system
Carefully place press over stoma from outside of pouch.
Two-Piece Pouching system
Slide over cartridge and press barrier against skin.
Helpful TIP: Press and Hold the SecurPress® against your skin for 45-60 seconds for best results and longer wear times.

Learn how to order StomaGenie® custom adapters.

Custom Adapters

1. Free custom cartridge adapters are available for ostomates with unique shaped stomas. Take a photo of your pre-cut baseplate, email us the photo, and we 3D print the adapters for you. Watch custom adapter instructional video

3D Printer
3D Printed Adapter

How do I Order Custom Adapters?

Send us a photo of your pre-cut baseplate with a quarter next to it.

Watch this short demonstration video to see how it works.

Everyone Loves StomaGenie®

People with an Ostomy

People with an Ostomy

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals



Changing Partners

Changing partners

I love it, I love it! Let me tell you something, I applied it two more times after we spoke and my peristomal skin right now is the healthiest its been probably in about 3 years! I was so able to do my crusting… then align the barrier on, and I can tell you honestly I really, really believe in this product!
Melissa M.
National Ostomy Spokesperson. Ostomate
I had my mom hold the tube on her stoma while I cleaned and dried around it. I then slipped the barrier over the tube and applied it to the skin. I would have loved using this around 7 years ago when I was just learning how to do this especially when it was constantly active.
James H.
Son of Ostomate
This is truly a revolutionary product that will help many ostomates and the people who care for them. The talk of the conference. Get ready Stomagienics…”
Brian L.

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Capture During Change Movement


Stomagienics is leading a Movement to address the problems related to the Pouch Replacement Routine. If you’re ready for frustration-free changes; if you’re ready for hygiene-friendly changes; all you need to do is commit to try it five times. Here’s how you can start the program and win!


Just order the 5-Change Revolution Kit. It contains 5 StomaGenie® cartridges and all the training and support you need for successful changes.

Experience the Difference

Try StomaGenie® for 5 changes. Using StomaGenie® is very easy. We have instructional videos and an open line in case you have questions.


After you complete the 5 changes, you can take a short survey or email us with feedback about your experience. Your feedback is optional but it greatly help us keep improving.


Congratulations! You completed the 5-Change Revolution. You will receive a FREE BOX OF 10 disposable StomaGenie® Capture Cartridges!