It's time for a simple, clean ostomy pouch change.

Hospital & Outpatient Professionals

Hospital & Outpatient Professionals

Learn about the new simple and clean ostomy care techniques, simplified patient instruction methods and innovative demonstration tools.

People Living with an Ostomy

People Living with an Ostomy

Learn how the StomaGenie® can make your changing routine easy and stress-free.

Home Health Care Professionals

Learn about our new simple and clean Ostomy Patient Care in-service sessions designed for healthcare professionals at all skill levels.

Improve Your Ostomy Lifestyle



Take control and replace your pouch on your terms.
Healthier Skin

Healthier Skin

Reduce risks of effluent-to-skin contact for healthier peristomal skin.

Hygienic Changes

Hygienic Changes

Contain stoma output and eliminate the mess, odor and cleanup.

Bring Back Normal

Bring Back Normal

Get back to your actives with confidence.

An Easier Change

Enjoy an easier, stress-free pouch replacement routine.


Economical and reimbursable Medicare and most insurance plans.

Will StomaGenie® Work for Me?

It works with all ostomy
One-piece & Two-Piece
pouching systems.

Ostomy Pouch Replacement Cartridge
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Watch this short demonstration video to see how it works.

Cover & Contain Stoma Output

Experience the NEW simple and clean ostomy pouch replacement routine.

1 - Remove

Remove Pouch

Prepare all your supplies then remove your current pouch system.
2 - Cover and Contain

Cover & Contain

Cover your stoma and contain drips or flowing output during the replacement process.

3 - Clean and Dry

Clean & Dry Skin

Thoroughly clean and dry your skin without the stress of odor or a messy accident.
4 - Replace

Apply New Pouch

Apply your new pouching system to clean, dry, healthy skin.

See how StomaGenie® pouch replacement cartridge is changing peoples lives.

My peristomal skin

is the healthiest in about three years!

I was able to do the crusting so perfectly. I can tell you honestly, I really, really believe in this product.

Melissa Marshall – National Ostomy Spokesperson. Founder, No You Cant’cer Foundation, ostomate and professional blogger sharing her independent product assessment.  

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I thought I was good to go when the stoma spewed out about 6 ounces of poo. It slowed so I put the tube on, cleaned up as fast as I could. I prepped the skin and slid the flange down the tube to my skin. I waited a minute then removed the tube (full of poo) and quickly attached the pouch. Held firm for a few minutes. I won. Thanks to your tube.
Robert T.
I am very happy with the StomaGenie® and the reason is because I'm legally blind and have trouble positioning the base plate around the stoma. The StomaGenie® takes anxiety out of that.
Jeff F.
I can’t thank Stomagienics enough for providing me with the much-needed help and wonderful product. Having an ostomy is very hard, and they give you a slice of relief.
Margie S.

I have a few questions...

For about $1 a day you can have the peace of mind of an easy, hygienic and independent pouch change, anywhere, anytime.

How much do you waste on pouch changes that go wrong? Ostomy supplies are expensive and failed pouch changes are costly.  Incorporating the StomaGenie® into the changing process may eliminate waste.

StomaGenie Capture Cartridges® are covered by most insurance plans and Medicare reimbursable under HCPCS Code A5081 and covers up to 31 cartridges per month. Our cartridges are sold in quantities of 10 per order.

Prior to ordering, Medicare and health insurances will require a prescription from your physician.  The following diagnosis codes are what your physician will need to include based on the type of ostomy:

Diagnosis Codes:
Z93.2 Ileostomy
Z93.3 Colostomy
Z93.6 Other artificial opening of urinary tract.

Go to our Order page for more details.

Staging your ostomy supplies in advance is key to an efficient pouch replacement routine.  Proper setup (E.g. removing baseplate film backing, accessory caps, and packaging) frees one hand to hold the cartridge while  the other hand is free to clean, prepare and dry skin.  

With the StomaGenie® in place covering the stoma, you have time to properly prepare the peristomal skin for the next pouching system.

Our custom adapter service is offered to ostomates with a unique shaped stoma. Our customization process allows you to simply take a photo of your pre-cut baseplate next to a ruler and email the photo to us. We are then able to take the photo, convert to a file that lets us 3D print your custom individual adapter. Once the process is complete we will ship it to you for use with the properly sized StomaGenie®.

Thank you for your interest in advancing ostomy patient care.

We will be in touch very soon!

Capture During Change Movement


Stomagienics is leading a Movement to address the problems related to the Pouch Replacement Routine. If you’re ready for frustration-free changes; if you’re ready for hygiene-friendly changes; all you need to do is commit to try it five times. Here’s how you can start the program and win!


Just order the 5-Change Revolution Kit. It contains 5 StomaGenie® cartridges and all the training and support you need for successful changes.

Experience the Difference

Try StomaGenie® for 5 changes. Using StomaGenie® is very easy. We have instructional videos and an open line in case you have questions.


After you complete the 5 changes, you can take a short survey or email us with feedback about your experience. Your feedback is optional but it greatly help us keep improving.


Congratulations! You completed the 5-Change Revolution. You will receive a FREE BOX OF 10 disposable StomaGenie® Capture Cartridges!