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New Hygiene-Friendly Changing Process

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New Patented Biodegradable Disposable Capture Cartridges

Reduce Leakage and Improve Skin Condition

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New Pouching System Replacement Solutions

Improved Self-Application and Alignment

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The StomaGenie® disposable Capture Cartridge™ is placed over the stoma allowing an ostomate ample time to clean, medicate, and thoroughly dry the area around the stoma.

This reduces the level of anxiety, improves self-confidence, inspires independence, and decreases the risk of skin irritation and infection

StomaGenie® disposable cartridges are lined with super-absorbent, odor control material, used to absorb urine or effluent excreted from the stoma during the pouching system replacement.
While the StomaGenie® is in place over the stoma, the SecurPress® slides down over the cartridge, pushing the skin barrier into place and pressing it firmly against the skin for maximum adhesion and seal.
Alignment is a vital step in the application process, failure to align the new barrier properly often causes skin irritation and or infection.

The StomaGenie® solves this problem effortlessly. Simply place the cartridge over the stoma before applying the skin barrier, then easily slide the skin barrier into place and align it over the stoma.

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