StomaGenie® 5-Pack

(10 customer reviews)

Special package of StomaGenie® as part of the 5-Change Revolution. This program allows ostomates to experience a revolution in their stoma care. The Package contains 5 StomaGenie® cartridges so that you can try the product 5 times.



StomaGenie® 5-Pack

10 reviews for StomaGenie® 5-Pack

  1. Linda Stewart (verified owner)

    Every change is effortless. It used to take at least 45 minutes each change because of leakage. Now…..not even 5 minutes. I can not say enough about this product. The only thing is I wish we knew about it sooner. And the seal is always perfect.

  2. John Sullivan

    Sounds good. I’d Like to try it

    • Theresa (verified owner)

      Great to hear, John! This product is a game-changer. We’re here to support you in every way we can. Don’t hesitate to reach out by phone or email.

  3. Sheila Carter

    Id love to try this!!

    • Theresa

      Sheila, we’ll love to have you as part of our community! We’re here for anything you need.

  4. Mildred Horosh

    cant wait to try this. Leakage has been a nightmare.

    • Theresa

      Hi Mildred! Many ostomates report to us how leakage is a thing of the past after using StomaGenie. You’ll love it!

  5. Debbie Goodwin (verified owner)

    Best product on the market for our stomas. Keeps me from having to wrap paper toweling around my stoma all the time. This is so much easier and quicker.

  6. Barbara Baumer

    I love them for both the ease of no more urine running down my abdomen and the great placement.

    • Theresa

      Hi Barbara! We are so happy you have the luxury of a cleaner process and exact pouch alignment that the StomaGenie provides. It is our goal to create products that allow for a stress-free change process!

  7. Diane Batalsky

    I ordered the sample pack of Capture Cartridges for my fiancé and he loves them. Not only do they help so much during changing but he uses them to get relief from the wafer and bag when he is swollen and partially blocked. It helps to give his skin relief too. Been waiting for a product like this for a long time. I spoke to Theresa for more information about getting more and she was so lovely and helpful. Great product and customer service.

    • Theresa

      Hello Diane – it was wonderful to speak with you! We are thrilled that our cartridge is able to help as designed. We will always be available to help in any way!

  8. joey ann gebo

    My 16 year old is still getting used to the idea of her stoma and its care…this has been a game changer and a huge confidence booster for her..she doesn’t cry now during changes and we are able to make it though changes without ruining products with over spilling output. Thank you so very much for this “little” bit of freedom that is the HUGEST of reliefs !!

    • Theresa

      Joey – we are so happy the StomaGenie was able to make the pouch changing process easier. We design our products by listening to people, understanding challenges and creating real solutions to critical problems. Your daughter’s happiness is our #1 goal!

  9. Kay Alderfer

    It took me 2 tries to figure it out but I think I have it down pat. I did need help but I think once I get in the routine I won’t need that extra third hand.
    I am so glad I found this product!!! Thank you so much for working with me on my odd shaped stoma. Ordering more tubes and a press.

    • Theresa

      Kay, thank you for your review! We enjoyed working with you in finding the right fit. Your happiness is our #1 priority!

  10. Greg Anderson

    I just can’t say enough about this product. I saw it demonstrated at a Ostomates vendor fair and I wanted to try it.
    From the jump I wasn’t disappointed in the Stoma Genie, the customer service and the shipping time. the ease of using it … It has helped clear my skin beneath the stoma, it has made my change day a way better experience every time.
    If you haven’t tried this product you need to.
    Thanks to the Johnson’s for creating this product it’s a game changer. You have made my change days much more easy and a lot less frustrating

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Know Your Size

We offer StomaGenie® and SecurPress® in 12 different sizes. Learning your size is easy.

How To Select Your Size

To select the ideal size of your StomaGenie® capture cartridge or SecurPress®, measure the cut out opening of your baseplate that fits comfortably over your stoma. 

Note that you’ll measure the internal opening. On the image above, for example, the cartridge size would be 1 ½” . 

No worries! Size selection guarantee! 

 We offer FREE replacement cartridges and FREE shipping on all replacement orders.  If the size you selected is too large or small, we will ship you a complete replacement order of the right size, hassle free.

Watch The Video To Select Your Size

This video makes even easier to know your size. The size you find when measuring your baseplate can be applied to both StomaGenie® and SecurPress®. 

Here is a chart showing all the sizes we offer. Do your measurement and write down the size you found. Use the size on the chart that is the closest to the one you measured. 


Not sure about Sizing? Call Us At (844) 696-7866.

Capture During Change Movement


Stomagienics is leading a Movement to address the problems related to the Pouch Replacement Routine. If you’re ready for frustration-free changes; if you’re ready for hygiene-friendly changes; all you need to do is commit to try it five times. Here’s how you can start the program and win!


Just order the 5-Change Revolution Kit. It contains 5 StomaGenie® cartridges and all the training and support you need for successful changes.

Experience the Difference

Try StomaGenie® for 5 changes. Using StomaGenie® is very easy. We have instructional videos and an open line in case you have questions.


After you complete the 5 changes, you can take a short survey or email us with feedback about your experience. Your feedback is optional but it greatly help us keep improving.


Congratulations! You completed the 5-Change Revolution. You will receive a FREE BOX OF 10 disposable StomaGenie® Capture Cartridges!

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