Insurance Reimbursement  Information

StomaGenie® capture cartridges are Medicare approved under HCPCS Code A5081 and covers up to 31 cartridges per month.  Our cartridges are sold in quantities of 10 per order.

 Currently, Stomagienics, Inc. does not have the credentials to process insurance claims.  You have a few options regarding reimbursement options:

1) Purchase your StomaGenie® capture cartridges then submit the invoices to Medicare for reimbursement.  They may require a prescription, if so, the following diagnosis codes are what your health care provider will need to include:

 Status Codes (Diagnosis):

                Z93.2     Ileostomy

                Z93.3     Colostomy

                Z93.6     Other artificial opening of urinary tract

 The StomaGenie® size, quantity and refills must also be included on the prescription.

 The following link will bring you through the Medicare reimbursement process:

In addition, please check with your supplemental or commercial insurance carrier to verify whether they reimburse the remaining difference.

2) If you prefer to stay with your supply distributor, encourage them to carry our product and contact Theresa Johnson at

Stomagienics, Inc.