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Stomagienics Inc., and our innovative products were created based on an extraordinary situation involving a family member who, after having ostomy surgery, solved a plaguing issue that occurs during the ostomy pouch replacement process. He created his own rudimentary device, using items purchased at a local retail store to solve this problem. We proceeded to use many of his original design principles to create a revolutionary new product that will change the lives of ostomates worldwide.

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Our philosophy at Stomagienics, Inc., is to empower ostomates to take control of their lives. We focus on enabling better outcomes for patients, caregivers and clinicians by delivering solutions that are best in class—defined as being reliable, easy-to-use and essential to taking control of the ostomy pouch replacement process. We are committed to revolutionizing ostomy care by seeking out and solving the needs of ostomates, our employees, partners and community.

Our Mission
To design and create innovative products that will improve the lives of people with ostomies around the world.

Our Vision
To make a positive impact on people’s lives, give back to our community, and provide a service that inspires others.

Customer Service
The highest quality customer service is vital to the people who rely on our products for their everyday hygiene needs.

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